Christmas Fudge For Sale

December 23, 2023

I am a fudge snob. And it’s all my mom’s fault. She made fudge every Christmas and I got so accustomed to the flavor, creaminess, and delicious factor of that chilled fudge that I just can’t eat any other kind.

I remember when my dad took us to Nauvoo after I graduated from high school. He let the graduating senior pick where to take a family vacation for the year. I chose Nauvoo! While we were there, we walked to the chocolate shop and he treated us to a piece of fudge. None of us liked it! Haha. Moral of the story- there’s nothing like mama’s fudge.

This Christmas, I tried something new and sold it on Facebook Marketplace. I was thankful for the little extra cash it brought it and it made me feel close to my mom as I stayed up late to prepare it and package it.

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