Oliver’s Baptism

January 6, 2024

Oliver’s baptism on January 6 (Grandma Sunday’s birthday) was so sweet. When I asked him about the program, he knew exactly what he wanted. That’ just how he is. He knows what he wants in life. He also knew exactly who he wanted to be there. He has won over the hearts of many families and friends, who wanted to be there for him.

A few days before his baptism he started practicing his song “Baptism”. He wrote all the words down on his own and practiced over and over to get it all memorized. When he puts his mind to something he follows through. I wish I could have recorded his cute little scratchy voice singing all by himself.

Blake and Evelyn did a wonderful job writing their own talks and had cute little gifts for him.

The minute I stood up to lead the music I burst into tears. Brandon and I were both teary-eyed for most of the program. We certainly don’t take for granted anymore the good days when we have them. This was one of them.

We hosted a lunch after in the party barn with his favorite foods- Hawaiian sliders, Doritos and Fritos, rainbow jello (without the creamy layer), cookies and an Italian Soda bar.

We’re so proud of Oliver for choosing to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and follow Jesus’ example.

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  • Andrea Nelson

    I’m glad things went so well. Oliver is awesome! I love how decided and determined he is. A day you won’t soon forget! Congrats buddy! So proud of you!

    January 11, 2024 at 9:41 pm Reply
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