Blake is 12!

February 18, 2024

And just like that, my first born is 12! It’s a big year for him since being 12 adds some great opportunities at church. He was ordained to the office of a Deacon on January 22 by Brandon and has been passing the sacrament each week since. He LOVES passing and is sad when it’s over. In fact, he will get up early on Sunday mornings and get ready and out the door early so he can be sure to get a spot. I love seeing his excitement to serve the Lord.

On February 8, Brandon and I got to take him to the Bountiful Temple for the first time. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I watched him do baptisms for the dead. His excitement and love of the Temple was just so sweet and I’m thankful I could be there with him for the first time. We got to do a little Kneaders date afterwards to celebrate.

His actual birthday was a Sunday and he made it easy since he knew exactly what he wanted! He chose sticky buns for breakfast, a cereal bash for lunch, steak for dinner and a 12-topping ice cream sundae bar for dessert. He went to choir, played ping pong with the Farnsworths and then we played some games and watched a movie with him. He is so fun to talk to and really loves having deep conversations about finances and life.

Instead of gifts this year, he got a birthday adventure (and a yoyo)! In a few weeks, him and I will be flying to Orlando to meet up with Kristin and Hyrum for baptisms at the Orlando temple, a day at Universal, and swimming at the hotel. Our trip (minus the Universal tickets) will be a grand total of $11.60 for our flights and hotel– thanks to learning how to use credit card points and miles better.

He got clues all throughout the day that he had to unscramble to figure out what his gift was. We caught his reaction on camera, so no photos here, but he is SO excited!

Blake is talented at sports, Kandama, yoyo, Rubix cube, singing and acting (he is Gaston in the school play), soccer, math, Spanish, rollerblading, and speaking to others. He has great vocabulary (better than mine!) He love the temple and volunteers to teach his Sunday School class. He keeps everyone laughing and is silly and all boy. So grateful he’s ours!

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