Easter Sunday 2024

March 31, 2024

Easter is my very favorite. Why do I always forget how much I love this holiday? I feel like we have some really special and sweet traditions that focus on Christ, without all the added stress of gifts, programs, activities, parties, etc. that come at Christmas.

Inevitably, there is still a lot of work to pull off everything (I was at the store more this week than the entire last month combined haha) but I tried to simplify. No new outfits for anyone since everything still fit from last Easter. Very simple Easter baskets with a few treats and one surprise. No fancy tablescape since we had dinner at the Sundays. Also not pictured was our messy kitchen from making resurrection rolls together after church.

It was a cold and rainy Easter, but we had one beautiful daffodil in bloom and everyone survived the cold to get one family photo together, thanks to our neighbor Jeremy who is also a photographer.

I loved our Sacrament meeting today filled with beautiful songs of the Savior. While Blake was singing in the youth choir, it hit Brandon and I both that our kids are growing up FAST. Evelyn is in her last year of primary and Oliver and Eli are not far behind. We only get so many more years with them and we are going to try and live it up!

I loved all the discussions and down time we shared talking about Christ, watching Bible videos and sharing testimonies with each other.

I love my Savior. I know He lives. He is my strength and my peace. I have felt Him more this last year than ever before. I am thankful that because of Him, I get to live with my little family forever. And see my mom again! What a wild, dark, hard 12 months we’ve had. But Christ has overcome all and He continues to bring healing and hope for our little fam.

To end the night, we had a our Easter egg hunt inside since it was raining and cold. Instead of filling them with candy, Brandon filled them with letters for them to unscramble. The words were: Ziva, April, Uncle, Mexico, Cabo, All-inclusive. We found a great deal on flights and hotel a few weeks ago with our points so we are taking everyone on a belated Spring break trip. We’re so excited to have Uncle Mike come with us and also Brandon to be able to join us at Ziva this time! We made it very clear that Easter is not a holiday for big gifts and this will not be the norm (but that it was just a good way to tell them AND I didn’t want to give them anymore candy. Haha)

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